Warden Patrol Service

With our Warden Patrol Service. We supply all signage and equipment outlining the terms and conditions of the car park, along with uniformed wardens who will patrol your car parking area when necessary.

Tact and diplomacy are two very important skills that are required in what can sometimes be a contentious business and all of our wardens are handpicked and meticulously trained to defuse confrontational situations and to recognise special needs and circumstances.

Our wardens carry the very latest handheld software in the form of MNPR (manual number plate recognition – see below). Our wardens also carry PCNs (parking charge notices) which can be fixed to the windscreen of any offending vehicles.

MNPR – Manual Number Plate Recognition. MNPR is the latest and most up-to-date method of car park enforcement. This is perfect for car parks on premises such as retail parks, shops, stores and anywhere where staff are present, as this method allows us to patrol the car park on foot and we don’t need to fix a ticket to the windscreen. We are able to take all the photographs required and subsequently request the registered keeper’s details from the DVLA. We then send out a PCN via the post direct to the registered keeper. This dramatically reduces any on-site confrontation to our staff or yours and is generally considered to be a much safer method of car park enforcement.

We will happily advise you on what we believe to be the best way forward based on your requirements, but you will have the right to choose the method that is ultimately used.

Wardens also work well alongside ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) solutions. Most companies use either wardens or ANPR parking systems, but seldom both. However, ANPR parking solutions only address certain offences. For example, ANPR solutions can’t see a person abusing a disabled bay, but ANPR will calculate exactly how long a vehicle is entitled to stay on a pay and display or maximum stay car park.

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