Parent and Child

Parent and Child Bays

It is a common sight to see Parent and Child bays get abused. This is very unfair on parents with small children, especially new parents with a very young baby or multiple children. These bays are supposed to serve a specific purpose and yet they are the bays that suffer the most abuse. HX Car Park Management offers great systems that manage the use of these bays, to make sure they are always available for the correct users.

The services that HX Car Park Management can offer relating to Parent and Child bays include:

  • Free enforcement service, ensuring that the bays are being used correctly;
  • Signage installation service;
  • The reduction of abusive parking;
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

With the use of our ‘Parent and Child’ parking schemes, we are able to enforce parking restrictions on those who abuse your Parent and Child parking facilities. Should a motorist without a child decide to park in a Parent and Child bay, we can issue them with either a parking charge notice (PCN) or warning notice. Parent and Child bays are often overlooked by most car park management companies, but HX Car Park Management fully understand how important these bays are to the people who need them.

Customer Satisfaction

By having a proactive car park management scheme monitoring the situation, it is guaranteed that the level of abuse of Parent and Child bays will reduce dramatically. In turn, those members of the public that need these bays can park where they are entitled to and go about their daily business with as little hassle as possible.

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