Intelligent ANPR cameras

We can supply you with ANPR cameras either as part of a compliance scheme managed by HX or as a standalone product. With our expertise we can pre-configure the cameras prior to dispatch or installation. If you require an ANPR led solution, we have the customised solution for you.

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Solar | Wind | Hybrid ANPR

Looking after the environment is key to our business plan. Over the last few years, we have developed our solar, wind, and hybrid systems and, finalised the product to maintain the required level of energy output to provide all of our eco-powered sites with 100% uptime.

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Pay and Display Machines

HX predominantly partner with Flowbird (Parkeon) for Pay and Display machines. There are other manufacturers on the market and if you, the client wanted to use a different brand we would assist you in finding the perfect machine for your requirements. Pay and Display machines have evolved in recent times and they now accept payments in cash, card and contactless whilst supplying an online platform for audit and compliance.

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Customised Signage

Our signage across the UK is customised and tailored to each site; you won’t find two the same! The reason for this is that we listen to your requirements and work with you to achieve the image, terms and conditions exactly as you require them. We can add your logo, colours, and fonts to our signs to make our brand fit yours.

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Installation Options

Our installation team which covers the UK has over 35 years’ experience. We are equipped and ready to professionally complete your installation! ANPR, Pay and Display machines, street lighting, signage and much more.

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Cashless Parking Systems

Personal hygiene has never been so important. With the recent worldwide events it is important that you offer users of your car park a cashless/touchless solution. This ensures your customers are happy and that your revenue is protected. We work with many nationwide systems and we can implement this strategy for you.

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Parking Management

Explore our range of parking management solutions that are all fully customisable to meet the exact needs of your land.

Parking Management

Parking Compliance

Explore our fair, ethical and transparent ways of working to deliver customer friendly solutions that support compliance with the use of your land.

Parking Compliance

Electrical Charge Points

We always look for new ways to continually support our customers, Electric Charge Point solutions are available from HX Car Park Management. Please discuss your requirements with our team. 


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