Parking News

Thu Feb 2022

How Valuable is your Customer Data when it comes to Car Park Management?

Data is one of the most valuable assets when it comes to understanding and improving business processes. It’s also immeasurable when it comes to the need to predict customer trends, behaviours, and habits.

Tue Dec 2021

A Greener Approach to Car Park Management

It's no secret that the future of our planet relies solely on our present efforts to turn the tide on climate change. Everyone must play their part, no matter how small that part may feel.

Wed Dec 2021

Car Park Management During the Festive Period

As we have now officially entered the ‘festive period’ we expect to see a large increase in the number of patrons visiting our car parks.

Tue Oct 2021

The Role of Car Park Management in Rescuing Retail

BBC News recently reported that, according to research, more than 8,700 chain stores closed in British High Streets, shopping centres and retail parks in the first six months of this year – that’s an average of 50 stores per day.

Tue Sep 2021

Government Issues Review of Blue Badge Scheme

In 2019, the government extended the eligibility criteria of the Blue Badge scheme in England to people with non-visible disabilities. This meant that members of the public with “hidden disabilities” were granted access to Blue Badge parking permits, enabling them to park closer to their destinations.

Mon Aug 2021

Nowhere to Park? How Autonomous Vehicles Could Fix the Parking Shortage

Last month, the RAC released a report finding that the average car in the UK is empty and parked for 23 out of 24 hours in a day. It is no wonder, therefore, that you’ll regularly hear your colleagues, your friends and your neighbours grumbling about the lack of parking around their house, place of work or even their favourite restaurant.

Wed Aug 2021

UK Climate Change: How We’re Playing Our Part

The term “climate change” is a familiar one, regularly featuring in the news and in government, but many people continue to see climate change as an issue which we will face in the future if things do not change, not as something that is already rearing its head in 2021.

Wed Jul 2021

Benefits of Cashless Parking

During the COVID pandemic there’s been a massive increase in use of phone parking and it’s persuaded a lot of motorists to make the shift.  With health awareness key, HX Car Park Management, along with our phone parking partner, RingGo, are playing a part in increasing safety for motorists.

Tue Jul 2021

20 Questions With.... Our Newly Appointed National Sales Manager, Stuart Smalley

Joining us this week as HX Car Park Management's new National Sales Manager, Stuart has over 20 years of sales experience under his belt.

Fri Jun 2021

The Introduction of E10 Fuel in 2021

This summer the standard petrol grade in the United Kingdom will become E10, in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions and help tackle climate change. E5 petrol will still be available but in the form of a premium option at a higher cost.

Wed May 2021

Identifying customer trends and behaviours using car park management data

No matter the industry you work within, data that is collected, organised and analysed can be an extremely powerful aid for businesses worldwide.

Thu May 2021

Who are the IAS - Independent Appeals Service

Parking operators who are members of the IPC’s Accredited Operator Scheme (AOS) are required to give motorists the opportunity to appeal against a PCN.

Mon Apr 2021

Petition called for mandatory printing of car registrations on all drive-thru packaging

A petition calling for mandatory printing of car registration numbers of all drive-thru packaging is currently being shared across social media networks. Rolling out this system at drive-thru retailer sites would mean that motorists would be held accountable for any littering.

Thu Apr 2021

Non-Essential Retail Set to Open Next Week

As we approach the re-opening of non-essential retail, many organisations have been gearing up for this phase of the road map since Boris Johnson announced the date back in February, with a 4-month process back to normality.

Mon Mar 2021


Today marks the first day of Debt Awareness Week 2021, which gives us at HX Car Park Management the opportunity to share the important message that help is available for anyone struggling with debt right now.

Sat Feb 2021

20 Questions With.... Our Head of Operations, Alex Thompson

This week's 20 'get to know me' questions are with our Head of Operations, Alex Thompson. Joining us in November last year, Alex had spent 20+ years in the hospitality sector and decided it was time for a change. His extensive managerial knowledge and experience will play an integral part in our growth, he's already made a positive impact on the business in the short months he has been with us.

Thu Feb 2021

Private Parking Myths

Private parking companies are often seen in a negative light, as some kind of ‘scam’, but in fact, we offer a positive and beneficial service for land and business owners.

Thu Feb 2021

20 Questions With.... Our Head of Sustainability, Susan Meadwell

Today is the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science. A day to celebrate and recognise the critical role women and girls continue to play in the world of science. In honour of this day here's 20 'get to know me' questions with Susan Meadwell, our very own Environmental Scientist and Head of Sustainability.

Thu Jan 2021

HX pass International parking community audit

As a member of the International Parking Community (IPC), we are audited on an annual basis to ensure lawful compliance with their Code of Practice. This week we were pleased to have received a green status pass on our audit.

Thu Jan 2021

IQ Verify Recommend HX Car Park Management for Certification against the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (2013)

HX Car Park Management Ltd (HX) was founded on the ethos of raising standards and quality of provision within car park management - from sustainability and compliance through to more bespoke customer centred solutions.

Wed Dec 2020

HX Car Park Management Year in Review

Its that time of year again when we, at HX Car Park Management, reflect on the months past. From a worldwide pandemic to a global movement for equality, the year 2020 has certainly experienced its fair share of world-shifting events.

Wed Dec 2020

HX Car Park Management – SafeContractor Approved

We are delighted to announce that we have again achieved Alcumus SafeContractor Accreditation. This demonstrates our commitment to operating a safe, compliant and ethical business within the car park management industry.

Fri Dec 2020

HX renew DMUK Membership for a fifth year

As we renew our DMUK membership for another year we wanted to take the chance to share why we lend our voice to the charities campaign

Tue Dec 2020

How do we future-proof the Parking Industry? Eco-power is the answer.

Plastic pollution, rising sea levels, deforestation, extreme weather, forest fires, species extinction, soil erosion and food shortages are unfortunately familiar and the common thread is climate change.

Tue Dec 2020

Post Lockdown Christmas Shopping; Don’t Get Caught Out with a PCN

As we approach the end of another national lockdown we expect to see a huge increase in the number of shoppers, customers and patrons returning to our car parks.

Fri Nov 2020

Making Sustainability Happen at HX

Here at HX, we understand the importance of caring for the environment. In 2018 we developed and installed our first solar and wind powered ANPR camera.

Mon Nov 2020

NHS Staff Parking Costs

Good Morning Britain have today discussed plans for one of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts to raise parking costs for staff by 200 percent.

Mon Nov 2020

Armistice Day 2020

With the new restrictions around the UK’s second lockdown, Remembrance Sunday was a little different this year. The annual event at the National Cenotaph will still went ahead but with a few adjustments in line with the Covid-19 guidelines set out by the government.

Mon Nov 2020

How parking can heavily influence retail customers shopping experiences

As parking experts, we seize every opportunity to advise our clients about the importance of parking, not only as a source of revenue but also as a source of differentiation.

Tue Oct 2020

Celebrating Halloween Safely During a Pandemic

The ‘SPOOKY Season’ is upon us, witches, vampires, ghosts and ghouls! As if that isn’t spooky enough, we now have a worldwide pandemic to throw in the mix.

Fri Oct 2020

Expanding The Team And Moving Forwards

It’s hard to believe we’ve already reached October in what has been an incredibly disruptive year.But we are now 10 months into a year like no other and find ourselves preparing for the winter months ahead.

Fri Sep 2020

HX and Sponsoring Professional & Grassroots Football

We like to think we're on the ball and don’t just talk a good game here at HX Car Park Management. So, it's maybe apt that one of the ways we like to get our name out there, while also making a contribution, is through football sponsorship.

Wed Aug 2020

Supporting Employees On The Return To Work

It felt like "friends reunited" with the welcome return of almost all our staff to the office last month, plus it came on the back of some encouraging statistics.

Sun Aug 2020

Cashless Parking Systems

It's finally starting to feel like some sort of normality is returning to our everyday lives. In truth though, the coronavirus pandemic has left a lasting legacy on how we go about our business on a daily basis and we at HX Car Park Management are more than aware of that, prompting a tailored way of thinking.

Fri Jul 2019

We are hiring! Social Media Executive – With bonus

HX Car Park Management are looking for a Social Media Executive with a creative flair on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram! You will be part of our sales and marketing team.

Tue Jun 2019

Dogs die in hot cars

Every year, the RSPCA receives thousands of calls from the public of animals being left alone in cars on hot days. Many people still think it’s ok to leave their dogs in a car on a warm day.

Tue Jun 2019

Risk Free Approach to Car Park Management

HX Car Park Management Ltd, based in West Yorkshire, are the UK’s one-stop parking management company, specialising in fair use ANPR technology, specifically in Pay and Display, Retail Parks, Shopping Centres and Commercial Property.

Tue Jun 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

At HX Car Park Management Ltd, we recognise that our corporate and social responsibility is crucial to our values and operations, and in expressing our commitment to our stakeholders.

Thu Jan 2019

Cashless Parking: The Future of Car Park Management?

Today’s society is becoming increasingly cashless. Nearly 3,000 bank branches have closed across the UK since 2015 and ATMs disappeared at a rate of 500 a month in the first half of last year.

Tue Jan 2019

Parking “Code of Practice” Bill Expected to Receive Royal Assent by Easter

Parking “Code of Practice” Bill Has Second Reading in House of Lords The Parking “Code of Practice” Bill, sponsored by Sir Greg Knight MP, had its second reading in the House of Lords last week, on Friday 18th January.

Wed Jan 2019

HX Car Park Management Ltd Sponsor Jayden Stockley

HX Car Park Management are proud to announce their sponsorship for the rest of the 2018/19 season of new Preston North End striker, Jayden Stockley.

Fri Jan 2019

HX Car Park Management Sponsors Kind Hearts Give Back 2019

We are delighted to announce we will be sponsoring the Kind Hearts Give Back 2019 charity ball. Kind Hearts Give Back is an amazing evening of food, drink and entertainment.

Thu Dec 2018

Managing the Abuse of Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is a hugely important aspect of car park management and the abuse of these facilities is a growing problem which affects the lives of disabled people throughout the UK.

Fri Nov 2018

How Effective Car Park Management Can Combat Out of Hours Abuse

A problem often faced by car park owners in the management of their land is out of hours abuse.

Wed Nov 2018

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Car Park Management

Last week, a number of our HX team members attended the International Parking Community (IPC) Annual Conference.

Mon Oct 2018

Retail News: Can Car Park Management Increase Festive Footfall?

First the shops and soon the TV adverts. One thing is for certain: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Tue Oct 2018

HX Car Park Management Featured in UK Parliamentary Review

HX Car Park Management was incredibly pleased to be featured in this year’s UK Parliamentary Review.

Mon Sep 2018

Calls for Ethical Car Park Management in Hospitals as Petition Handed to Downing Street

The issue of our hospitals’ car parks, and how ethically these car parks are managed, has long been in contention.

Tue Aug 2018

Car Park Management Industry Update: August 2018

As we are now well over halfway through 2018, we at HX Car Park Management have decided to take a look at changes made within and with respect to the car park management industry so far this year.

Wed Aug 2018

3 Ways in Which the Parking “Code of Practice” Bill is Good for the Car Park Management Industry

The Parking “Code of Practice” Bill, sponsored by Sir Greg Knight MP, was first presented to Parliament on Wednesday 19th July 2017 and had its second reading on Friday 2nd February 2018.

Tue Jul 2018

Disabled parking: Blue badge made available to those with “hidden disabilities”

The Department of Transport has confirmed that, from 2019 onwards, members of the public with “hidden disabilities” will be granted access to blue badge parking permits, enabling them to park closer to their destinations.

Wed Jul 2018

Should hospital car park management be more ethical?

The issue of our hospitals’ car parks, and how ethically these car parks are managed, has long been in contention.

Tue Jun 2018

ANPR Reporting: Are you getting the best value from your parking solution?

The camera in your automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system records every vehicle that parks on your land: when they arrive; how long they stay for; when they leave and how frequently they visit.

Tue May 2018

Why use ANPR camera systems?

ANPR camera systems have represented one of the biggest changes to the car park management industry in recent years. There are a number of benefits to using ANPR camera systems in parking enforcement.

Wed May 2018

BPA’s Statement on Ethical Car Park Management

The British Parking Association (BPA) recently released a statement on the importance of ethical car park management.

Mon Apr 2018

Ethical Car Park Management: Travellers Stranded in Airport Scam

Passengers have been strongly advised to do their research before booking “meet and greet” car parking services when travelling this summer.

Tue Apr 2018

Is the Car Park Management Industry Becoming More Ethical?

At HX Car Park Management, we believe in a more ethical approach to car park management and we welcome any industry changes that may point towards this.

Wed Mar 2018

Self-Issue: The Future of Car Park Management?

Self-issue is the future of car park management, as it allows land owners to manage and enforce parking charges on their own land, without the legwork, and receive a £10 commission for every paid parking charge notice (PCN) that they issue.

Mon Mar 2018

A Friendlier Approach to Car Park Management

HX Car Park Management Ltd was founded in 2014 and now has 10 employees and multiple ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) sites.

Tue Mar 2018

Parking outrage as double yellow lines painted under cars

In what is being considered to be a very unfair approach to car parking management, two residents of George Hall Court, sheltered accommodation in Swindon, have received parking charge notices from the local council to the value of £70, after double yellow lines were painted under their vehicles.

Wed Feb 2018

How Car Park Management Has Affected the NHS

The NHS is campaigning for fairer treatment of its visitors and staff, following an instance in which NHS workers in Cardiff were charged £70,000 in Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) from the private company managing the hospital car parks.

Sun Apr 2017

Unpaid PCN’s

HX Car Park Management Ltd have now signed a contract with Gladstones Solicitors to pursue unpaid parking charges.

Mon Apr 2017

British Parking Association

HX Car Park Management Ltd are now members of the British Parking Association.

Tue Apr 2017

Woman must pay £24,500 in charges after ignoring parking notices

Sheriff George Way ruled Carly Mackie was in breach of contract after she ignored the parking notices.

Wed Mar 2017

Inconsiderate motorists who are mounting kerbs and parking on the pavement could be soon face a £70 fine

Laws allowing local authorities to ban pavement parking in London should be rolled out across the country to crack down on motorists endangering lives, councils say.

Fri Feb 2017

DIY Car Parking Enforcement App. Android and IOS

With our self-issue kit, you are in total control of your parking spaces. After signing our Private Parking Protection Agreement (contract), we can give you the correct equipment for you to issue tickets (PCN’s – Parking Charge Notices) without the need of putting a ticket onto a windscreen.

Mon Jan 2017

Have you got a plan for the new £1 coin?

The new 12-sided £1 coin will finally be here on the 28th of March. Have you got a plan for your pay and display machines? It’s the first time the pound coin has been changed in more than 30 years.

Mon Oct 2016

Self Issue PCN’s – Your Staff, Our Company.

Your staff, Our Company – Empower your staff to keep in total control of their land/car park. Free of Charge set up, Includes Signs and App.

Tue Oct 2016

HX Car Park Management Ltd – Charity Donation.

Within my quest to make HX Car Park Management Ltd the leading parking company in the UK. I have now committed to making a charitable donation from PCN revenue.

Thu Oct 2016

Free Litter Picking – HX Car Park Management Ltd.

HX Car Park Management Ltd has clear targets to achieve. We want to raise the parking standards, which involves different action plans.

Mon Sep 2016

Are you ready for Christmas? Retailers always forget this...

The Christmas countdown is well underway. We all see the Christmas items appearing in more stores everyday now.

Tue Sep 2016

Do you know wheel clamping is outlawed? And has been since 2012.

The Protection of Freedoms Act makes it an offence to clamp on private land.

Wed Sep 2016

ANPR Vs Warden Patrols

I am of firm belief, you can’t ever replace the human interaction, if you want solid results. ANPR is a great tool, used correctly.