Do you know wheel clamping is outlawed? And has been since 2012.

I am amazed how the majority of the general public still don’t know that wheel clamping has been outlawed on private land. HX Car Park Management Ltd has the best alternative to wheel clamping; we offer professional car park management which is legislated, accredited and insured. We have to work to a strict code of practise, which is reviewed and updated regularly.

The Protection of Freedoms Act makes it an offence to clamp on private land. The law does not affect Northern Ireland, and clamping and towing away on private land has been banned in Scotland since 1992.

But landowners are boosted by stronger laws on ticketing, which mean unpaid charges can be claimed from the keeper of the vehicle, as well as the driver and the government has also agreed on an independent appeals service. This will allow motorists to appeal against a parking charge issued on private land to an independent company.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach, the Home Office minister responsible for changes to vehicle clamping law, said: “This common-sense ban will give motorists the protection they deserve against rogue wheel-clamping and towing companies.

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “These new parking arrangements deliver a fairer legal framework for motorists and landowners, while getting rid of the indiscriminate clamping and towing by private companies for good.”

Key Information

  • Motorists whose vehicles are illegally clamped on private land can now call the police
  • The government says about 500,000 clamping’s took place annually on private land, with an average release fee of £112 and almost all clamp fees were paid
  • Ban also applies to towing away and blocking in
  • Anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land without specific lawful authority to do so may face criminal proceedings
  • Lawful authority to clamp or tow vehicles will remain for various organisations and public bodies – eg DVLA will retain legal authority to clamp or tow away vehicles that evade vehicle excise duty
  • To gain control of your most valuable asset, your land, get in touch with us and we will replace all your clamping signs, FREE OF CHARGE to bring you fully up to date with the current parking laws.

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