At HX we are specialists in using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. We also offer Warden Patrols and Self Manage schemes. Please speak to our friendly staff to find out what system will best suit your requirements. 

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Intelligent ANPR

ANPR systems automatically read and record the vehicle registration and record the entry and exit times of all the vehicles parked on your land. This can be used either for maximum stay car parks (retail parks, supermarkets, etc.) or for Pay and Display car parks. 

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Data & Analytics

Our intelligent ANPR systems will create you customised reports of what is happening on your land to further help you manage your business. Reports include duration, repeat visitors, capacity, volume, etc. We would happily send you some demo reports to view! 

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Warden Patrols

With our Warden Patrol Service. We supply all signage and equipment outlining the terms and conditions of the car park, along with uniformed wardens who will patrol your car parking area when necessary.

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Self Manage

With our self issue parking management kit you are in total control of your parking spaces. After signing our Private Parking Protection Agreement (contract), we are able to give you the correct equipment for you to issue parking charge notices (PCNs) from your mobile phone. 

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