Maximum Stay

Maximum Stay car park management schemes are very popular in busy car parks. This includes retail parks, hospitals, multi-storey car parks and other busy complexes. 

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Pay & Display

We offer the complete package when it comes to Pay and Display. From machines to integrated ANPR systems. We also have plenty of cashless and touchless solutions for you. 

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Cashless Parking Systems

Personal hygiene has never been so important. With the recent worldwide events it is important that you offer users of your car park a cashless/touchless solution. This ensures your customers are happy and that your revenue is protected. We work with many nationwide systems and can  implement this strategy for you.

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Park and Sanitise

Park & Sanitise is primed by machine-based transactions, with an intelligent sensor automatically sensing hand movement under the unit to dispense WHO recommended
hydroalcoholic gel.

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Parking Permits

Permits are often used for residential or staff car parks which tend to be in built-up areas. There are different ways of optimising a permit parking scheme. The main approaches are controlling who parks there, or to sell permits to earn additional income. We offer physical and electronic permits. 

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No Parking/Stopping at Any Time

“No Parking” and/or “No Stopping” control measures prevent drivers from parking, or stopping, in places that must be kept clear at all times. Places that may wish to utilise “No Parking” or “No Stopping” control measures can include airports, busy roads, school areas, private estates and industrial estates.

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Disabled Bays

Disabled parking bay abuse is a growing problem that affects the lives of many disabled people. Our staff often get thanked for carrying out checks on disabled bays as these bays are very important to the quality of life for blue badge holders. 

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Parent and Child

It is a common sight to see Parent and Child bays get abused. This is very unfair on parents with small children, especially new parents with a very young baby or multiple children. These bays are supposed to serve a specific purpose and yet they are the bays that suffer the most abuse. HX Car Park Management offer great systems that manage the use of these bays, to make sure they are available for the correct users.

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