Payment options are forever changing, and more products are coming to the market each year. We are in a transition from cash payment to card and contactless. Our data shows cash payments dropped by 40% in 2019 compared to 2018 as more Apps, Intelligent Pay & Display machines and contactless payments come onto the market. 

With ever evolving technology in this space, HX consistently reviews its technology partners giving greater options to landowners and managers to manage land. Some options that are now available:

  • Pay and Display – cash only
  • Pay and Display – cash and card
  • Pay and Display – cash, card and contactless
  • Pay and Display – cash, card, contactless and pay by app

We would talk you through all the options and explain benefits of each system and ensure we install the correct system that works for your site and your customers.

ANPR Compliance

ANPR Compliance means your customers can get an even greater parking experience. Until recently, most car parks were ‘Pay and Display’. The ‘display’ means to place the purchased ticket on the dashboard so that a warden does not issue a PCN (Parking Charge Notice).

With ANPR, the need to display a ticket is omitted because the machines intelligently store the information and send the data to our back-office system. This way, we can see if parking was paid for, the date and time and also the registration entered without the need for a warden visually checking. The benefits of this are:’

  • Train station car parks – And the customer is running late
  • Parents with young kids don’t have to walk back to the car
  • Elderly people don’t have to walk as far
  • Large car parks where machines might be at the front, yet the only bay was at the back


Personal hygiene has never been so important. With the recent worldwide events it is important that you offer users of your car park with a cashless/touchless solution. This ensures your customers are happy and that your revenue is protected. We work with many nationwide systems and we can implement this strategy for you

  • Quick and easy sign up processes
  • Personal hygiene safety
  • No more queuing
  • No need to search for change


We offer you the full range of services, although we understand many people like to empty pay and display machines themselves. We offer:

  • Cash collections 
  • Banking into a high street bank of your choice 
  • Audit trials 
  • Ticket refills 
  • Machine maintenance 
  • Online reporting  - Where you can see all transactions at a glance

Do you have land? and want to make a car park?

If you have a piece of land and you believe it would make a good car park. Please contact us for a consultation. We can advise, supply, and install everything you could require to turn land into a revenue generating car park.

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