Parking permit schemes have changed in recent years. Nationwide there are now two types of permit that all our clients use. Which type of permit you implement on your site depends on your site, why people use the site, the volume etc. The two types are:

  • Electronic Permits
  • Physical Permits

What is the difference in Electronic and Physical permits?

Electronic permits are used mainly when there are large volumes of users and that compliance is managed with ANPR cameras. All vehicles you authorise to park, will be entered into our software meaning the ANPR will know they are authorised to park.

Physical permits are what you imagine a parking permit to be, a unique design that you place in your windscreen, much like the old tax disc. These are used on smaller car parks that are personal and the landowner usually knows the drivers personally and the volumes are smaller.


  • Staff car parks
  • Residential car parks
  • Offices
  • Leisure Centres/Gyms
  • Other


Many of our clients have car parks whereby they sell monthly/annual permits. We have the technology through our electronic permit schemes to implement and manage this for you.


With so many variations available for parking permit schemes we have only outlined the basics on this page as it can get quite complex. However we have plenty of experience to advise you correctly, please get in touch with us for a consultation and to explore all our options.

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