Park and Sanitise 

We understand the importance of being responsible and helping society return to normal by offering car park users various ways to pay for parking. This can be via a machine, contactless or touchless solution.

Flowbird’s automatic no-touch hand sanitiser dispense helps safeguard the hand hygiene of machine users, minimising the risk of coronavirus transmission.

  • Park & Sanitise is primed by machine-based transactions, with an intelligent sensor automatically sensing hand movement under the unit to dispense WHO recommended hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Dispenser volumes monitored remotely via web-based back office, enabling timely replenishment.
  • Powered by its own industrial grade internal battery source.
  • Easy to maintain


Park & Sanitise is a contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispensing solution, compliant with DDA/ADA regulations for disability accessibility. The unit is easy to install and maintain and helps safeguard the hand hygiene of machine users to mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission. A simple fast and effective solution, helping to protect users of your car park. 


At no point do users have any contact with the dispenser for optimum safety

  • Automatic gel dispensing after ticket printing*
  • LED indicator to guide users
  • Intelligent sensor detection technology
  • Adjustable dosage for more flexibility

* As an option, gel dispensing can be disconnected to ticket


  • No connection with the internal equipment
  • Dispenser is powered by its owned commercially available battery
  • Maintenance: simple & efficient refill of hydroalcoholic solution - 500ml capacity
  • Monitor sanitiser volumes remotely through Smartfolios back office based on transaction numbers
  • Easy servicing to combine with first line maintenance tasks


Find out more

If you want to find out more about our range of hygiene and touchless solutions please contact our friendly team. 


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