Within my quest to make HX Car Park Management Ltd the leading parking company in the UK. I have now committed to making a charitable donation from PCN revenue.

We will donate 5% of all PCN revenue from people who misuse disabled bays. 

Disabled parking is a growing problem that affects the lives of many disabled people; our staff often get thanked for carrying out checks on disabled bays, as these bays are very important to the quality of life for blue badge holders. People often park in these bays because they are usually located close to the place they want to be, especially in bad weather. This especially is not fair on people who need the spaces. With having us completing regular checks the level of abuse these bays receive drops dramatically.

  • Free enforcement service
  • Signage installation
  • Reduce abusive parking
  • Increase customer satisfaction

By using our ‘Disabled parking Only’ parking schemes, we are able to enforce parking restrictions on those who abuse your disabled parking facilities. Should a motorist without a Blue Badge decide to park in a disabled bay, we can issue them with either a parking charge notice or warning notice. Disabled bays are often overlooked at from most places, but we fully understand how important these bays are to the people in need.

I hope you agree with us giving 5% to charity we are showing our commitment to helping those who need it.

Thank you for reading

HX Car Park Management Ltd