HX Car Park Management Featured in UK Parliamentary Review

Tue Oct 2018

HX Car Park Management was incredibly pleased to be featured in this year’s UK Parliamentary Review. You can read our contribution to the Review here (HX is featured on pages 40-42).

In the Review, released last month, HX Car Park Management discusses a range of topics pertaining to the car park management industry, including industry changes, the effects of GDPR, and the impending Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, sponsored by Sir Greg Knight MP.

HX’s Commitment to Ethical Car Park Management

One of the main focuses of our article was our commitment to ethical car park management and the ways in the industry has changed, and could continue to change, in line with this.

Our article drew on HX’s unique approach to car park management and the way in which we pride ourselves on our fresh and modern approach to car park management. Our key value is transparency and we strive to build trust with the British public. We know all too well that car park management firms can be viewed with little favour by the public, but we conduct our business in a way that will hopefully, before long, make these stereotypes a thing of the past.

Our commitment to ethical car park management can be demonstrated, for example, by the way in which we will always make the issuing of a parking charge notice (PCN) our final resort. In the instance of car parks that require the customer to enter their number plate in a machine when paying for their parking, we will always make allowances for human error. In instances where the customer inputs their number plate with up to two digits incorrect, we will dismiss the case as human error and will not issue a PCN, even though our ANPR cameras will flag this as unpaid parking. Every case for a PCN is cross-referenced in this manner by trained individuals and will never be automatically issued without first receiving ample consideration. To this end, we voided over 25,000 PCNs in 12 months by making allowances for human error.

How the Car Park Management Industry is Becoming More Ethical

Our article in the Parliamentary Review also addressed one key change set to affect the car park managements industry in the coming years: Sir Greg Knight MP’s Parking (Code of Practice) Bill. The Bill will introduce a mandatory code of practice to better regulate the management of parking on private land. As great advocates of a fairer and less profit-orientated approach to car park management, HX welcomes this bill and looks forward to witnessing the raising of standards industry wide.

HX Car Park Management

It was a huge honour to be featured in this year’s Parliamentary Review. If you would like to find out more about how HX Car Park Management could look after your land in an ethical manner, you can contact our offices on 03330 066316, or visit our website.

Don’t forget, you can read our contribution to the Parliamentary review here.

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