ANPR Vs Warden Patrols

Wed Sep 2016

ANPR Vs Warden Patrols – My personal thoughts are that most big establishments, like retail parks and shopping centres get a fundamental of car park management wrong. Most large places with high volume traffic, tend to go with ANPR set ups, and the majority of places have ANPR as the only car park management tool. There are the warning signs inside the car park, but as far as a practical management scheme ANPR is the only one.

I am of firm belief, you can’t ever replace the human interaction, if you want solid results. ANPR is a great tool, used correctly. In my eyes ANPR should be used when used along side car park attendants/wardens. ANPR doesn’t see or monitor disabled spaces, parent and child bays, and people parking out of bays or anywhere they like. So ANPR on its own, isn’t actually managing anything. It’s more just punishing people who overstay, and most of these people are not detrimental to your business as most of them will be spending money with you. Yet people misusing disabled or parent and child bays are detrimental to business, as this really annoys people who are eligible to use them.

Humans are also great at building relations with customers, humans see everything, so they can notify manager if there is structural damage or a potential risk on the car park which often saves companies money by getting problems rectified quicker. Of course everyone doesn’t like ‘Parking Wardens’ but if you are looking for a solid car park management scheme then you can’t beat a human walking around as a deterrent

This is just my personal thoughts, as I visit many sites that have massive parking problems and they just have a set of ANPR cameras looking at the entrance.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on ANPR Vs Warden Patrols.

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