Inconsiderate motorists who are mounting kerbs and parking on the pavement could be soon face a £70 fine

Wed Mar 2017

Even though we don’t work within the rounds of the council as we work on private land. I find this article very interesting. Why? Well it is becoming more apparent to us that motorist just park where and how they want without any consideration to others, so in my eyes this would be a good step forward for parking in general.

Inconsiderate motorists who are mounting kerbs and parking on the pavement could be soon face a £70 fine.

Laws allowing local authorities to ban pavement parking in London should be rolled out across the country to crack down on motorists endangering lives, councils say. The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, says all councils need extra flexibility to introduce bans if needed.

This could free up congested pavements and stop pedestrians – particularly the blind and parents with prams and babies – from having to walk out into roads and risk their lives. The call comes as communities across the country issue safety warnings about pavement parking. The ban on pavement parking has already been in place in the capital for the past 40 years. Under existing measures, motorists are barred from pavement parking unless expressly permitted by a council in the capital. However, outside London mounting the kerb is generally allowed apart from where vehicles are causing an obstruction, for example forcing some vehicles to wait while others pass, or on roads with other restrictions such as double-yellow lines. Local authorities can use existing Traffic Regulation Orders to ban pavement parking on certain roads but it is a time-consuming, expensive and bureaucratic process.

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