HX Car Park Management Ltd has clear targets to achieve. We want to raise the parking standards, which involves different action plans. We are going to be open to people we are in contract with and we are going to be open to the public to try and give them as much parking advice as we can, for example our previous blog on clamping being outlawed.

Here is another step we are taking, by offering all our clients FREE litter picking. Why? This benefits everyone. The environment, the land owner and the car park users.

How to become a client? Click here for a free, no obligation site visit from one of our sales managers.

The majority of companies ensure staff turn up clean, smart and well groomed. So why should facilities be any less of a standard? We aim to keep all of our client’s car parks clean and tidy to represent the company’s image.

Not only does it make the car park look greater for the company, If the car park is open to the public i.e. a pay and display car park, then car park users are more likely to park in a car park which looks safe and professional.

This is a very simple add on to our business model but I hope you agree that it can make a big impact to everyone.

Please click here to find out everything else we offer. We can bespoke any of our packages to fit the criteria of your land.

Thank you for reading.