The Role of Car Park Management in Rescuing Retail

Tue Oct 2021

BBC News recently reported that, according to research, more than 8,700 chain stores closed in British High Streets, shopping centres and retail parks in the first six months of this year – that’s an average of 50 stores per day. This shows that changes in the public’s shopping habits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions continue to have an effect on retail in the UK.

Many have cited the Covid-19 pandemic as a “tipping point” for an already waning British retail sector. Many of the struggles the sector has faced over the past are not new – the British public has been increasingly favouring online shopping over physical stores for a number of years.

However, brick-and-mortar retail still accounts for hundreds of thousands of UK jobs and, were it to ultimately dwindle into non-existence, the repercussions of this would be felt nationwide.

This has left many people asking what can be done to boost physical retail in its hour of need.

HX Car Park Management has been assisting retail outlets, parks and shopping centres for many years and we feel that car park management has a significant role to play in rescuing retail that simply cannot be ignored.

Influencing Shopping Experience

 At a time when many consumers are already feeling wooed by the temptations of online shopping, one negative experience in a physical retail park could alienate them permanently. For this reason, the shopping experience is arguably more important now than ever before and car park management certainly has a role to play in enhancing it.

For many consumers, the car park is their first point of contact with a shopping centre or retail park – and first impressions count. If the car park is dingey and unkempt, or if poor management has meant that cars are left queueing for spaces, the customer is likely to be immediately put off. For some, this may push them even further into the grasps of online shopping.

Re-Focussing Your Car Park Management Strategy

If retail is to be rescued post-Covid, it is imperative that car park management strategies are planned out with a direct focus on enhancing the consumer experience.

(For further tips, you can read our comprehensive list of things to consider when reviewing your retail car park here.)

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Retail Parking with HX Car Park Management

HX Car Park Management has been working with retail organisations for a number of years, which means we understand the struggles and are uniquely positioned to provide you with the solutions. We can help you to review your car park management strategy with a focus that is centred around consumer shopping experiences and provide you with unrivalled advice on how best to utilise parking to foster resilience in these uncertain times.


To find out how the expert team at HX can use effective car park management in order to improve your customers’ shopping experience, contact us today on 03330 066 316, or email Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form on our website and a member of our team will get back to you.

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