Today’s society is becoming increasingly cashless. Nearly 3,000 bank branches have closed across the UK since 2015 and ATMs disappeared at a rate of 500 a month in the first half of last year, according to a survey by “Which?”. The surge in contactless payments and the rise of online banking means fewer and fewer Britons are withdrawing cash or visiting bank branches. The report by “Which?” found that, whereas 6 out of every 10 transactions (63%) were made with cash a decade ago, today we use cash for just 3 in 10 transactions (34%).


As the British public begins to move away from cash, how might this effect the car park management industry?


How a Cashless Society Effects the Car Park Management Industry


Nowadays, fewer and fewer Britons will regularly be in possession of cash and this will, naturally, effect their ability to pay for parking. As our society becomes more and more cashless, many car park management solutions continue to take cash-only payment, especially in instances of pay & display.


As motorists carry less cash, they are bound to become frustrated by their inability to pay for parking without the necessary change. As a result, the car park management industry will soon have no choice but to embrace the new cashless society and ensure that cashless payment solutions are available at all car parking sites nationwide.


Cashless Parking with HX Car Park Management


At HX Car Park Management, our payment machines can cater for:


  • Coins
  • Bank notes
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Cashless Payment Solutions


In an increasingly cash-free society, not everyone will have on their person the necessary change to pay for parking. At HX, we want to make every aspect of the driver’s experience hassle-free, from the very second they enter your land. To this end, we offer a variety of cashless payment solutions, enabling the driver to pay for their parking via web, app or text.


Benefits include:


  • Quick and easy sign up process
  • No more queuing
  • No need to search for change



Pay & Display Solutions


HX Car Park Management offers the complete package when it comes to pay and display, from machines to ANPR systems. Our solutions cover your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that your land is never misused.


Our high-end pay and display systems are an extremely effective way to generate revenue from your land. Of course, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to payments. That’s why we have a range of flexible payment solutions to suit the needs of the users on site, meaning that the landowner gets to decide upon exactly which systems they wish to be used on their land.


Pay & Display Parking Machines


We offer a range of parking machines, including solar-powered and/or hard-wired options. Our payment machines link directly to our internal systems, which enables us to monitor usage and ensure that your car park management solution runs smoothly at all times.


Creating a Pay & Display Car Park


If you have a piece of land, we can help you to turn it into a fully-functioning, revenue-generating car park, whilst granting you complete control over your land. From tarmac and line markings to pay and display machines, we can help. We can advise you on tariffs to charge and what sort of management system would be best suited to your land and your unique requirements.


To ensure that you are getting the best possible value from your land, contact HX Car Park Management today on 03330 066 316, or email


You can find out more about our pay & display solutions on our website.