Is the Car Park Management Industry Becoming More Ethical?

Tue Apr 2018

Ethical Car Park Management as a Result of Industry Changes

At HX Car Park Management, we believe in a more ethical approach to car park management and we welcome any industry changes that may point towards this. Recently, a number of changes within the industry have pointed to a shift towards more ethical car park management. For example, Sir Greg Knight MP announced the government’s new proposal to introduce a Code of Practice Bill to better regulate the management of parking in private land, in an effort to encourage more ethical car park management throughout the UK.

The Parking “Code of Practice” Bill

When looking ahead to the coming years, there are a few impending changes that will undoubtedly affect the private car park industry as a whole. The first of these is the government’s new proposal for a Code of Practice Bill to be introduced with reference to parking regulations throughout the UK. The bill is sponsored by Sir Greg Knight MP and had its first reading in July of 2017. The bill will introduce a code of practice to better regulate the management of parking on private land. As great advocates of a fairer and less profit-oriented approach to car park management, we at HX Car Park Management welcome this bill and greatly look forward to seeing industry standards as a whole being raised to the level that we have been striving towards for many years.


A further change affecting the car park management industry in the near future, along with an abundance of other industries, is the looming GDPR deadline. Car park management companies handle great quantities of data and, when combined with the aforementioned less than favourable public perception of the industry, will prove particularly sensitive to the new GDPR regulations.

HX Car Park Management recently underwent a complete overhaul of its data systems in order to ensure GDPR compliance. We now exercise extensive compartmentalisation of the data that we collect and, once this data has served its purpose, we have a system in place that will purge this data after 30 days. For example, if a customer enters our car park on a certain day and subsequently exits having paid the correct fee, that customer’s registration details will remain in our system for no longer than 30 days before they are deleted to comply with GDPR. However, we can hold data for up to 6 years if a Parking Charge remains unpaid. This sensitive handling of data will, again, reinforce the level of trust that we share with our customers.

GDPR and the regulation of how data is stored will once again ensure that all aspects of car park management are ethical and above board.

Our Ethical Approach to Car Park Management

At HX Car Park Management, we believe that the car park management industry is changing for the better and we are excited to witness the effects of Sir Greg Knight’s Parking “Code of Practice” Bill on industry standards. We hold onto hope that the industry will soon be seen in a far more positive light by the general public and that the stereotypes of old, depicting traffic wardens and car park management companies as the common enemy, will soon be forgotten and will make way for a new era of ethical car park management.

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