Risk Free Approach to Car Park Management

HX Car Park Management Ltd, based in West Yorkshire, are the UK’s one-stop parking management company, specialising in fair use ANPR technology, specifically in Pay and Display, Retail Parks, Shopping Centres and Commercial Property. Founded in 2014, we have nationwide coverage, offering designated and dedicated account managers, meaning you always have direct communication with us and any queries you might have will always be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
One Month Contracts

As a relatively new company to the private parking management industry, at HX Car Park Management we understand when it comes to looking for a new supplier, it is sometimes “better the devil you know”. We understand that risk plays a huge part when looking for a new supplier and that is why we are taking away the risk by offering one-month contracts to all new clients, whilst always making sure we give you the dedicated customer service throughout the length of the contract. We tailor our systems to your needs and offer fully bespoke packages, allowing you to have specific terms and conditions for you land/car park.
A Unique Approach to Car Park Management

At HX Car Park Management, we pride ourselves on our fresh and modern approach to the everyday running of our nation’s car parks. Our key value is transparency and we strive to build trust with the British public. We achieve this through our fair and rational approach to enforcement, always making the issuing of a ticket our last resort. Car park management firms can often face negative stereotypes in the public eye; we are seen as greedy, uncompromising and all too eager to issue a parking charge notice (PCN) in the interest of turning a quick profit. HX Car Park Management, however, believes in doing things differently.
A Fairer Method to Parking Enforcement

We will always give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to issuing a parking charge, which can be best demonstrated in the way that we will never issue one to a vehicle’s windscreen. Likewise, we will always give a case ample consideration before issuing a ticket, with every case being cross-referenced by trained individuals within our office. This allows us to ensure every ticket we process has been issued correctly. In the instance of car parks that require the customer to remember their number plate and subsequently enter it into a machine when paying for their parking, we will always make allowances for human error. For example, if one of our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras detects that one vehicle in the car park has not paid for its parking, we will look at the parking tickets purchased within the correct time period for that day for any similar number plates. Where we find a ticket purchased with up to two digits’ difference from the number plate in question, we will give the vehicle owner the benefit of the doubt and dismiss the case as human error.
Fair Use ANPR Systems

ANPR systems have represented one of the biggest changes to the car park management industry in recent years. ANPR systems operate through day and night and negate the need for a traffic warden’s supervision. At HX Car Park Management, we enjoy the non-confrontational approach that these systems can offer and feel that this complements our transparent and trustworthy approach to car park management. The introduction of ANPR systems has added a new level of factual data, efficiency and reliability to the car park industry which will continue into the future.

If you want your land managed in a friendlier way, such as to encourage trust between you and your customers, or if you want further information regarding our new one month contracts, please feel free to contact HX Car Park Management on 03330 066316, or fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.