In the summer of 2020, HX Car Park Management (HX) won a three Retail Park tender with a large UK based managing agent. The instruction was to install hybrid ANPR systems at all three Scotland-based sites.

Our Solution:

We installed a 12 metre hybrid camera, the hybrid camera connected to a 3/4G router and works in exactly the same way as a mains-powered ANPR camera. Each vehicle registration number and overview image is sent to our management system, in real time, via a dedicated camera protocol. The data transfer is further protected by being sent through a dedicated VPN. We can remotely monitor the camera’s power consumption and view the ratio from the solar panel vs mains. The system is powered at all times from stored battery power, which is generated from the solar system.

The Results:

The specific benefits of using this system are:

  • Renewable energy source
  • Sustainability
  • Over 2500 kw of electric saved per year
  • Reduced energy bills (£1419 based on 18p per KW/H)

On sites where these systems have been installed, we have achieved 100% uptime with the following KPIs:

  • 17o c average temperature
  • Average voltage of 12.6v
  • Average hourly consumption 2.5a p/h
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